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 the best way to get in touch with me is via instagram (ab.sheldon) or you can use the form below to submit your abortion story

If you need immediate help or would like to talk to someone on the phone:

England, Scotland and Wales: 0345 300 8090
Northern Ireland: 0333 234 2184
Ireland: 1 800 200 374
International: +44 (0) 1454 457 542

FYI - I don’t respond to ignorant/ill-informed/anti-choice messages. This website is here to support people, give facts, advice and share stories.

If you’d like to know why I won’t respond please read this: anti-choice
Below are a few generic responses to the common issues with abortion:

  1. The tools used to perform an abortion are not brutal. I do know how an abortion works, I’ve had 2. Please read up on the process either here: or If you want to really understand how abortion works speak to your doctor - not someone who makes YouTube videos.

  2. If your opinion derives from religious beliefs please read here: 

  3. If you believe I will one day regret this, all I can say is watch this space. If you regret your abortion and think I will as well I’m very sorry you have trouble with your choice and I hope one day you can find peace within it. You should read the guest articles on my site or this site of women who had abortions over 60 years ago and have no regrets. 

  4. If you believe it is murder. Anything I say isn’t going to change your mind, and I won’t try to. You can have your beliefs but the rest of the world is changing, and we don’t agree with you. We don’t have to agree on everything that would be unrealistic. 

My abortion allowed me to finish my degree, allowed me to leave an awful relationship in the past, allowed me to get my dream job and allowed me to make up for the mistakes the failed contraception made. It allowed me a choice with my body and I will never feel ashamed of that.

Peace and love for you all! I hope you can focus your energy on something more worthwhile than trying to argue on the internet x