contraception choices after abortion: implant vs coil

I’ve written before about getting pregnant whilst I was on the pill, and after the abortion getting on something that actually worked was pretty high priority.

I got the implant, I loved the implant, after its now ran its 3 years I’m having it removed. My GP explained that after a while the implant can’t stop bleeding very well due to the low amount of hormone it releases, and since in the last few months of the implant I started getting more periods and random bleeding she advised that this would carry on if I got a new one. Plus the fact that the implant sends hormones from your arm down to the correct area, if I can keep the extra hormones I’m pumping into my body to the one location they’re needed I’m taking that option. Coil city here I come! Another factor I’m interested in seeing is that my anxiety issues and panic attacks started after I got the implant, of course this was right after I’d had the abortion, but its not uncommon for anxiety to come with the implant, I’m hoping for an improvement with anxiety once its been removed.

There was a risk with getting the coil after my abortion. You can have it done immediately after but there was a slight concern with the infection I’d had in my uterus after my medical abortion. The GP said it might be harder to fit, but she won’t know until she tries, considering this is pretty much my only choice for contraception right now, try away.

I’m writing this bit before I’ve had the coil put in. I’ve heard all the horror stories, I’ve had friends faint and cramps that last weeks, but I’m not going back on the pill, I don’t trust it and it doesn’t work for me. I’m not going to put myself through the anxiety of being on the pill for what would should be a few minuets of pain for 5 years of safety with the coil. Implant and coil seem to be my only choices and I’m pretty excited about the coil!

When the nurse explaining about the coil asked if I’ve ever had my vagina examined I laughed, I’ve had more people look up my hooch than I could count. WAY more than is normal for a 22 year old and enough to make me not care about being open legged in the sirups anymore. You have one botched abortion and the whole medical world seems to be invited to snoop around up there.

Coil day is valentines day - very fitting. Can’t wait to be cramped up and coily in bed.

I’m now writing this part 4 days after I’ve had the coil fitted.

f u c k. It really hurt, I knew it was going to hurt but my god. I’m not a loud person in every sense but I let out a mighty groan of pain - no wonder we were in the room furthest away from the waiting room.
Upside however is that my GP complimented my muji socks and the pain lasted 5 seconds.

A fact no one had told me was that they measure you before they put the coil in, and that for me hurt more than the actual implant being put in. First stabbing pain went off, I cried and yelped but thought that it was over! The nurse then told me I needed to calm down and slow my breathing otherwise they couldn’t continue.
”Continue with what!?” After a few deep breaths I was unknowingly gripping onto my tits and said go for it.
Another groan, more tears and immediate cramps. I thought I might pass out at one point because of how quickly I was breathing but good ol’ nurse Mags calmed me back into a normal state.

Got changed into my joggers - do not take anything tight to wear after. I walked home as I live maybe a 10 minuet walk away and that was a big fucking mistake, it took me half an hour to get home. Stopping to catch my breath or for a wave of pain to fuck off. Home on the sofa - I’d taken paracetamol 30 mins before my appointment, wrapped myself up with a hot water bottle and watched James Acaster’s stand-up. The cramps were pretty bad, but I’ve been lucky to never really experience bad period cramps, I had them when I had my medical abortion and these were similar for the first few hours. My back pain was awful, I felt hot, sick and honestly exhausted. As it was Valentine’s Day I got treated to chocolates, roses and a take away; the take away I’m pretty proud to say included 2 whole pizzas for myself and 3 deserts to share. I then slept from 10 - 10 and took the day off work the next day (which I had to explain to the 60 year old HR man). Tiny bit of bleeding came with it but the cramps have carried on to as I’m writing this, getting a bit better everyday so far.

I’m a big hypochondriac, so I was (am) convinced that something would go wrong with my coil. Checking the strings that hang at the top of the vagina is something I’m struggling with, so far I’ve tried twice and haven’t been able to reach where they should be. If you’re not comfortable with sticking a few fingers up yourself this is not the contraception for you, in the first few weeks you’re meant to check every couple of days and from then on, every month. I haven’t got any friends who’ve had the coil so I don’t know anybody to ask for real advice on getting things right. I’m also worried that it’s going to have moved and broken through my uterus wall but I’m just going keep trying to check my strings and get someone else to try.

I’ve still got the implant in my arm, double doses of hormones coming at me; getting that taken out next week. If I still can’t feel it I’m going to get that doctor to check. An upside to the implant is the fact that you don’t need to check anything - there’s no risk of it falling out or moving around your body, you do just leave it, I am curious to see how much checking up on the coil does need.

UPDATE - felt the coil last night. All good under the hood.