that MEN article

What a week! The response from the article in the MEN and The Mirror has been incredible.

I’d firstly just like to say a big thank you so everyone who has email/messaged/DM’d me, having such a positive response in a mixture of negativity has been so wonderful and I’ve loved all of your comments so much. I’ve been inundated with support and so many new stories and opportunities are coming out of this!

The headlines for the articles were very obvious clickbait - or even less than that for the people who saw the headline and didn’t read the thing. I knew these types of newspapers would spin the story on what would get them the most traction and I knew from the type of majority audience both these outlets have the response would be negative. I was right!! I haven’t read through the comments on facebook and twitter because quite honestly why would I? I know I’m not going to change people’s mind, this isn’t what the website is for - the website is to share stories, get facts and information out there then hopefully make it so the taboo of abortion can be talked about more openly, so people don’t have to suffer alone when going through this. I wasn’t about to spend my weekend arguing with people on the internet.

The majority of the negative comments were very clearly from people who didn’t read the article or they have little to no knowledge of how contraception/abortion works. Some of my friend’s favourite negative comments were:

  1. “I’ve read through the pill leaflets and the pill only stops working if you’re drunk! That’s how all 19 year olds get pregnant”

  2. “If I were her mother I’d have aborted her”

  3. “That infection she had must have been an STD”

  4. “You obviously had unprotected sex! What did you expect to happen! Silly cow”

  5. “Close your legs if you don’t want to get pregnant. Slag”

  6. “Me and all other women regret our abortions you are the exception”

And a whole load more!

The comments really and truly do not bother me, if people can’t see past a headline then my pity lies with them. I do have huge appreciation for the people trying to defend me and the article in the comments but the overlying theme was “read the article and stop focussing on the word proud.” To quote from one of the message I received “you can’t argue with stupid.”

Now onto some more positivity! As I didn’t give my permission to The Mirror to run the story and use images of me they now have to pay me! So I would like to personally thank the two girls from my secondary school that threw their delightful comments under that article - bringing it to my friends attention and therefore mine. Cheers! Drinks on you…

I’m so grateful for the amount of people I’ve reached with this article, and the amount of supportive communications I’ve had! I’ve been inundated with messages from people now feeling like they can share their story and they’d like to do so on my page! (if you would like to share your story please contact me!)

To end on an even higher high here are some of the wonderful messages and comments I’ve been sent:

Where would we be without women causing trouble? I’m excited to get more and more content out and share some of the incredible stories I’ve had the honour of reading.